Berlin City is not a great spot for racing bikes, road bikes or bikes in general, but as soon as you get further to the outskirts or suburbs it gets better and better. You can even find cycling routes consisting almost entirely of proper bike lanes and low-traffic country roads. They cross sleepy villages, pass by wide farming land and in that way make you forget all the hassle with the cities car traffic…

One of those beautify cycling routes is the so-called Crown of the East (“Ostkrone”), one of my favorite routes in greater Berlin. Following the Berlin Wall Trail (“Berliner Mauerweg”) it touches the infamous Berlin-Schönefeld airport and leads through several smaller villages back to Berlin. It’s a nice, quiet and smooth route with just a few traffic-light stops.

Recently, I clicked together my Ostkrone cycling route on Strava, starting and finishing after around 70km in my home-zone Neukölln, right next to the great Tempelhof Airport field, where whoever did not get enough can have some additional workout rounds. Feel free to let me know what you think and make sure to check out the beauty of this Berlin cycling route I captured in a short clip!

Jan Brennenstuhl

Jan is a software engineer, web security enthusiast & clean code artist. He lives in Berlin, is currently working for Zalando SE and loves his bonsai trees, coffee & road cycling.

jbspeakr jbspeakr

It’s Velothon-time in Berlin! For the 10th time in a row, the sportive cycling race will take place in my home-town Berlin. This year not just offering the classic 60 and 120km routes but also an all-new 180km course that incorporates both old-school tracks…