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Often supporting open source software is just fixing one tiny thing you stumbled upon. However, getting ready and diving into even the smallest piece of source-code can lead to surprising results. I fixed a small HTTP header extractor for the Spring Security OAuth project recently. Here’s what happened.

Finally, I managed to come up with a name for my regular reading tips series which will feature both, latest info around recent events & incidents (especially when it comes to identity and security topics) as well as long running articles I strongly advice to read… it’s simply called Readme....

JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are the new and fancy de-facto standard in the web. JWTs are the tool of choice when it comes to authentication in an stateless environment. That has two direct implications:

Всем не угодишь is an old Russian proverb that basically translates into You can not please everyone. I created this work with a Pilot Parallel Pen (6.0mm) and black ink on Modulor Z140 wood-free paper. I chose an old slavic letter style to underline its origins.